IPhones for Wholesale in 2020 at Best Prices

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New unlocked iPhones for wholesale, why is it so difficult to source and buy iPhones in bulk?

There are many reasons why there is this situation. One of the main reasons we observe this widespread problem for smaller businesses and buyers is, that Apple is a luxurious brand with very high standards, strict reseller terms and conditions and simply not letting everybody get in to their sales chain. It’s about prestige. Dealing with Apple is a prestigious business. Apple tends to be very demanding when it comes to ordering iPhones for wholesale.

For example, you want to buy for your shop a few pieces weekly, your chances are equal to zero. Or you may want to order in bulk 100 iPhones and your chances are still close to zero. You may want to push this number to 1k quantity to at least stand a small chance and still you will be turned down. Gsmphonetrade.com solves all the problems and makes it very easy for almost anyone to buy Apple products in bulk.

How to become an Apple distributor

Not everything is about the minimum quantity to be ordered. There are other requirements which are very difficult to fulfill even for larger businesses like being in the telecommunication business for quite some time, being in business at least for 10 years, having a turnover in millions, having reference letters from a combination of clients, vendors, and others who work in your industry etc.

These reference letters should demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable when it comes to sales, have high credibility, and verify that you are who you say you are and plan to do this business in full seriousness long term.

After all checkboxes are marked, then a business becomes a certified official Apple distributor or Apple reseller. Just this part takes a very long time to get to this point. It doesnt end there. Such a company is then under scrutiny and has to play by the rules set by Apple, for example meet the sales volume set by Apple or be bound to pricing with very little margins or room for discounts.

As hard as it is to get there, the easier it is to get kicked out and terminated in case the requirements are not met in the first year. Sounds harsh right? Frankly it is. But dont worry, keep on reading to find out how we can keep you away from all of this trouble and get you going to buy iPhones for wholesale at the best price from a trusted Apple distributor as soon as today.

IPhone wholesale

The risks of buying iPhones in bulk

Unfortunately this creates a very negative side effect in this industry. We all have gone through it and learned the hard way when looking for a reliable Apple distributor. The number of scammers and fraud out there in iPhone wholesale business is alarming. Trust has become the essential necessity in this business over the past years.

There are very few trusted sources to buy iPhones for wholesale. Very few Apple distributors offer a wide selection and competitive pricing at the same time. We are talking here about wholesale of genuine, brand-new, unlocked, sim-free Apple iPhones that were never used, never locked, never activated and come straight from the factory in sealed retail boxes with all the standard accessories ready to be sold to the end consumer or for resale with full manufacturer’s worldwide warranty.

The iPhone wholesale market as well as the retail market is full of used, graded or refurbished iPhones because it’s so difficult to source the above specified new devices straight from factory. A majority of sellers are still unable to source new iPhones and therefor decide to buy older used phones, graded phones or refurbished phones which are very easy to buy compared to buying new iPhones for wholesale directly from Apple.

However, we must use the word of caution when choosing to go this path. The market is very saturated with graded, used or refurbished iPhones for wholesale. The majority of end consumers are looking to buy a brand new shiny iPhone in a sealed retail box filled with accessories, not a used scratched iPhone that has no or very short warranty, comes in a generic box without accessories, not even a charger and a charging cable.

Such an iPhone might be interesting because of the lower price, but is more of a risk than a win. A small failure and the repair could cost half the price of the phone if not even more.

From the wholesalers point of view it also doesnt come with only advantages. Actually to be honest, it comes with more disadvantages and risk compared to buying a brand new iPhone straight from Apple in a sealed retail box with full 1 year warranty. We have gone through this and tried in the first year while we could not find a trusted wholesale Apple distributor. We quickly found out this is not the way to go forward.

We wanted the real deal and we became the real deal. Why bother buying and dealing with used, graded or refurbished iPhones for wholesale when you can have a brand new factory unlocked iPhone in a sealed retail box with full warranty for only a slightly higher price?

By focusing on buying new iPhones in bulk from a trusted and experienced Apple distributor you gain a competitive advantage over your competition, because not every business has access to such devices, like GsmPhoneTrade is offering.

Not offering the newest models and brand new iPhones comes with a cost. The majority of customers just leave and buy somewhere else because today anyone can buy a used iPhone easily almost anywhere. Selling brand new, unlocked iPhones is much better.

Be one of the few and not one of the many out there. Trust us on that one after being in this business for over 10 years, doing iPhones for wholesale since 2010 and dealing with many Apple distributors around the world.

Then there are of course fakes and clones which is another problem that adds up and most of the new buyers who are just starting, they give up fast. Even those who are already in this iPhone wholesale business for some time and are looking for more suppliers and better wholesale prices get scammed or end up buying from the wrong sellers or overpriced Apple distributor with limited selection and availability.

Counterfeit iPhones are a huge problem in this industry. They can be very easily obtained and that adds up to making life a lot easier for scammers. Never buy iPhones for wholesale with a too good to be true price tag, because it usually is too good to be true.

Where to buy Apple iPhones for wholesale?

The last resort to look for usually tend to be network operators like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Orange, Telefonica, Claro, Movistar, Telcel, Vodafone, Telefonica and others. But there is a catch! These companies do not focus on selling unlocked devices in wholesale quantity. Many of their cell phones have modified software (like welcome message, welcome logo) or are carrier locked or branded. What that means for you as a buyer is only problems. Such devices do not get regular updates of their operating systems, or these updates come very late or dont come at all.

Then there is the risk of having a device locked, so only a sim card of the carrier will work in it. The selection is very limited, pricing is rather on the higher side and while you do get a new device with warranty, you dont get the best stock for reselling and have to look further for an iPhone wholesale supplier. Demand is big and Apple isnt helping either to make the situation any better by declining one buyer after the other due to not meeting their strict requirements to become a reseller.

Fortunately there is GsmPhoneTrade to fill the gap and make this process for every buyer as easy as possible. We believe that business can flourish if there are no strict rules placed at the beginning. We believe that a no stress business environment is the right approach.

Wholesale of mobile phones has always been a bit special in terms of ever-growing demand. Each year every manufacturer introduces several new cell phone models that get very popular and this creates demand. IPhones for wholesale are extremely in demand all the time.

If the supply is low and demand high like it is with iPhones for wholesale, the prices are high and actually sometimes the wholesale price of an Apple iPhone might be the same as the retail price is. This is one of the downsides of selling iPhones in bulk.

The margins are very thin and selling high priced luxury products is not as profitable as one would think. Fortunately the huge demand and quantity in the iPhone wholesale business makes it still a very interesting business opportunity. Having a right wholesale Apple distributor is essential.

Apple iPhone wholesale distributors around the world

One of the reasons why its so difficult to find iPhone wholesale distributors is the fact of regional distribution and expensive shipping. Most iPhones are sold in North America. Then comes Europe and then comes the rest of the world. Wholesale iPhone suppliers are not evenly spread around the globe.

The majority of them are based in the United States of America. This creates an imbalance of availability and distribution of iPhones for wholesale. Each region of the world has its own differences in the product specifications. These are very slight but still could be an issue when it comes to having the right products for your specific market.

For example iPhones for wholesale in the UK come with 3 pin UK chargers. On the other side of the globe, in North America iPhones are sold with 2 pin flat US chargers. In Europe we have iPhones that come with 2 pin round EU chargers. The Apple iPhone itself usually works worldwide and is basically the same for everyone with very few exceptions.

Fortunately these small differences can be solved by getting the correct travel adapters for the chargers. Also the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty is valid globally so compared to other brands this isnt an issue and selling Apple iPhones makes sense and comes with advantages.

The problems arise when these expensive devices need to be shipped from one part of the world to the other. Some countries and regions of the world dont have any good sources to buy iPhones in bulk so importing them from another country is the only way to go in the iPhone wholesale business. In that case working with an expert is very important.

With GsmPhoneTrade, an experienced Apple iPhone wholesale distributor any buyer can relax and have us evaluate the situation and find the best solution to deliver any smartphone in any quantity to almost anywhere in the world. IPhone wholesale with us is a safe bet.

How Gsmphonetrade got in to mobile phone wholesale and became an iPhone distributor

We always thrive to serve new buyers as well as established buyers. We can offer real time pricing so our buyers get the best iPhone wholesale deal possible. Our wholesale prices are one of the best in the industry and we want to make ordering iPhones in bulk as simple as possible to any buyer out there.

It doesnt matter to us if its a small one man company or a trader, or a big web shop. We have been there a decade ago when GsmPhoneTrade was just starting out as a retailer having a small web shop nobody knew about. IPhones for wholesale were always on our mind.

The first brand we were interested in was Apple and their most demanded iPhones and iPads. After getting turned down by every “authorized, certified” supplier and Apple distributor out there we had no choice but to go the risky way and find dealers who were not authorized or certified officially by Apple.

Those suppliers were all from the third world countries around the globe where trade agreements and doing business is much less regulated and actually much friendlier for anybody starting out or even for those who are in business for quite some time. Of course we did our homework, due diligence as much as possible before we made our first order of iPhones in bulk. It turned out bad.

Here came the first scam when we contacted an Apple distributor in China thinking to get the best deal because of close proximity to the factory. The minimum wholesale order quantity was 10 iPhones. We had our doubts, so we negotiated for over 2 months to get the first order down and as small as possible.

The deal was reached to buy 5 iPhones in bulk. After payment was done, we waited 2 weeks to get our order. When we opened the box there were only socks and some rocks to make it heavier. We lost around 3000 USD in the first order. That was a huge blow to our confidence.

So we gave up on Apple and focused on buying only Samsung, HTC and Nokia at that time from European suppliers. Ordering other brands except Apple is and was much easier. We found a supplier who offered us a test sample order of only 1 pcs, just like we do today with all our new business partners because we remember it like if it was yesterday.

So we went on, placed the order and in a week we had it. Everything was flawless. Soon we increased our quantity and after the fifth order we were confident to fully trust our new supplier. The only problem left was, that we still didnt have any Apple iPhones in our portfolio and this supplier for the obvious reasons wasnt selling any iPhones in bulk either. So we spent 2 years looking to finally find a reliable source of Apple iPhones in bulk.

Since then we evolved, found dozens of suppliers, made hundreds of orders and today we work with over 100 wholesale suppliers around the globe. Our initial struggle to source out Apple products made us to focus on this brand. Soon iPhone wholesale became our primary business activity with a vision to become an Apple distributor one day.

Gsmphonetrade is a reliable and trusted Apple iPhone supplier

We want everybody who wishes to start a new business chapter and buy wholesale Apple iPhones a pleasant, easy and profitable journey from start to finish. Trust for us is very important and we therefor offer the most friendly terms and conditions for wholesale cooperation with any of our new buyers. Buying iPhones in bulk must be safe and comfortable for all our buyers.

GsmPhoneTrade does not have any of those ridiculous requirements a buyer needs to meet. Here we treat you as family, you are welcome anytime and anywhere you are. Wholesale means buying in bulk, buying in large quantity, but placing the first order is always the most stressful time when buying from a new supplier.

Therefor we make our first time buyers comfortable and if they wish, the first iPhone wholesale order can be only one piece test sample order to see how it works. The second order can also be small low quantity order like 5 pcs. No need to start ordering a minimum of 100 pcs like it is the norm from the majority of Apple distributors. GsmPhoneTrade is trusted by hundreds of buyers and with us there are no obstacles when it comes to buying iPhones in bulk.

iPhones for wholesale


So what can GsmPhoneTrade do for you? Certainly we solve the problem in the title of this article. We make buying iPhones in bulk a breeze with minimal requirements and minimal effort for the majority to become our buyers:

  • no complicated wholesale applications required
  • no extensive paperwork required
  • no references required
  • no monthly turnover required
  • no ultra large minimal order quantity required
  • no credit checks required
  • no history of sales required

Any buyers are welcome to order iPhones in bulk and not just Apple iPhones but also hundreds of other smartphones from other brands as well. We understand how hard it is these days to find a reliable and trusted iPhone wholesale supplier selling only new, unlocked iPhones, iPads in bulk at best wholesale prices. Find out more about GsmPhoneTrade by visiting our homepage and learning more about us and our product portfolio.


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