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Wholesale LG mobile phones


Wholesale LG Phones

GsmPhoneTrade offers a wide range of LG wholesale phones for sale at very competitive wholesale prices. These as all other mobile devices in our portfolio are fully unlocked, brand-new and sim free.  It might not be the most popular brand in mobile phones these days, but with our extremely competitive wholesale pricing you get a huge amount of value which can attract a lot of buyers.

Please sign up for our full wholesale price list to find the latest LG cell phones you need for your store, or contact us and we will help you find exactly what you need before you place your wholesale order. We make it very easy for anyone to buy the best LG mobile phones for wholesale prices. Quality and trust are our promise.

LG Wholesale Mobile Phones 

LG Electronics has maintained their status as a leader in consumer electronics and still can deliver lasting quality for exceptionally affordable prices. By buying wholesale LG phones from us, you will have a fully stocked store that is ready to meet consumer demands and beat your competition by a large margin. We are proud to offer the latest models from the most popular brands so you can provide your customers with the ultimate shopping experience and position your company in front of your competition with ease. LG wholesale is not dead and on some markets getting stronger lately with the new models for 2020, the K series lineup – K61, K51S and K41S having strong sales.

Gsmphonetrade.com is one of the leading global distributors of open market LG cell phones. We sell only original, brand-new, factory unlocked, sim free LG mobile phones in sealed retail boxes with accessories inside and a full 2 year manufacturer warranty in Europe. Perfect for resellers!