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Sony Wholesale 

GsmPhoneTrade is also a Sony wholesale distributor of mobile phones. Sony mobile is still going pretty strong in some markets of the world. Many sellers think this brand is now not worth to focus on, but that is far from the truth. Buying Sony mobile phones in wholesale can put your business in front of your competition because there is fewer competition than there is with other brands. Lately some very well selling models are the Sony Xperia 5 Dual Sim and Sony Xperia 1 Dual Sim cell phones. We sell them all new, factory unlocked, sim free in bulk for extremely competitive wholesale prices.

Please sign up for our full wholesale price list to find the latest Sony cell phones you need for your store, or contact us and we will help you find exactly what you need before you place your wholesale order. We make it very easy for anyone to buy the best Sony mobile phones for wholesale prices. Quality and trust are our promise.

Sony Wholesale Mobile Phones

Wholesale Sony mobile phones is doing actually not bad in 2020. Last year we saw an uptick in sales mostly in Europe and Asia. Placing an order for Sony wholesale phones with us will give you the competitive edge over your competitors on Sony pricing and selection. is one of the leading global distributors of open market Sony cell phones. We sell only original, brand-new, factory unlocked, sim free Sony mobile phones in sealed retail boxes with accessories inside and a full 2 year manufacturer warranty in Europe. Perfect for resellers!